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May 2024 Visa Bulletin

Check out the latest insights from the May 2024 Visa Bulletin!

Here's the scoop on Priority Dates for EB-3 visa applicants, especially crucial for healthcare professionals like registered nurses and medical technologists. Unfortunately, this month's bulletin doesn't bring much movement in Priority Dates for the EB-3 visa category across various nationalities:

  • EB-3 for other Nationalities (22NOV22) – stagnant
  • EB-3 for the Philippines (22NOV22) – no change
  • EB-3 for India (15AUG12) – holding steady
  • EB-3 for China (01SEP20) – no progress

While this lack of movement might seem disheartening, it's essential to stay informed and prepared for potential updates down the road. Despite the current status quo, there are still opportunities on the horizon. Registered nurses and medical technologists are encouraged to remain proactive in exploring career options in the United States.

At Greenstaff U.S. International, we're here to support professionals every step of the way through the immigration process. Even though the bulletin might not reflect immediate progress, our commitment to assisting healthcare professionals in achieving their goals remains unwavering.

Stay connected with Greenstaff U.S. International for career opportunities, industry news, immigration updates, and inspiring success stories from healthcare professionals in the U.S. Your journey toward a rewarding career in the United States continues, and we're dedicated to helping you succeed.

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