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U.S. Healthcare Visa Update - June 2024 Bulletin!

Attention international nurses and medical technologists! The June 2024 Visa Bulletin has been released, and Greenstaff International is here to break down the latest updates and what they mean for your dream of a U.S. healthcare career.


Visa Bulletin Priority Dates

EB-3 for Other Nationalities (22NOV22) – no progression

EB-3 for the Philippines (22NOV22) – no progression

EB-3 for India (22AUG12) – will advance by one week

EB-3 for China (01SEP20) – no progression


Visa Bulletin Analysis: Patience and Proactive Planning

This month's bulletin shows minimal movement for EB-3 visas in most categories, with the exception of India advancing slightly. While this may not be the significant forward movement we were hoping for, it doesn't mean your U.S. healthcare aspirations are on hold. Here at Greenstaff International, we encourage you to be proactive!


The Road Ahead: Anticipating Retrogression

The U.S. Department of State has hinted at a possible retrogression for EB-3 visas due to high demand.  Don't let this news deter you!  Greenstaff International's immigration experts are here to guide you through every step of the process, even during potential delays.


Understanding Priority Dates: Knowledge is Power

While we navigate the intricacies of your immigration process, we believe in empowering you with knowledge.  Our blog offers a clear explanation of Priority Dates, giving you a deeper understanding of their role in your U.S. visa journey.


Looking Forward with Confidence: Planning Makes Perfect

Even with a waitlist, proactive planning paves the way for a smooth transition. Explore the diverse immigration options for nurses and medical technologists with Greenstaff International, or dive into our comprehensive guide to planning your future U.S. move.


Greenstaff International: Your Trusted Partner

As a leading international healthcare staffing agency specializing in nurses and medical technologists, Greenstaff International offers a wealth of career opportunities across the U.S. We're more than just a job board; we're your partner in building your U.S. healthcare career.


Stay Connected, Get Equipped!

Ready to embark on your U.S. healthcare journey? Contact Greenstaff International today and let us help you navigate the visa process and connect you with exciting career opportunities across the U.S!