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E3 Visa Program

Launch Your U.S. Healthcare Career with Greenstaff International!

Are You an Australian Medical Professional Ready for the U.S.? Nurses, Medical Technicians, and Clinical Lab Techs Welcome! 

Are you a qualified Australian Nurse, Medical Technician, or Clinical Lab Tech seeking exciting opportunities in the U.S. healthcare system? Greenstaff International is your one-stop solution for a seamless transition! We specialize in placing top Australian medical professionals like you in prestigious medical facilities across the United States. 

Why Choose Greenstaff International for Your E3 Visa Journey?

  • E3 Visa Experts:  

Our dedicated immigration team streamlines the E3 visa process, ensuring a smooth and efficient application. 

  • Top Facility Placements:  

We connect you with renowned hospitals and healthcare providers seeking your expertise. 

  • Relocation Assistance:  

We guide you through every step of your relocation, from finding accommodation to navigating the healthcare system in the U.S. 

  • Ongoing Support:  

Our team provides ongoing support throughout your E3 visa tenure, ensuring a successful and rewarding experience. 

Target Your Dream Job in the U.S. with Greenstaff International!

  • Extensive Job Search Network:  

Benefit from our vast network of healthcare employers seeking top Australian talent. 

  • Streamlined Application Process:  

We make applying for E3 visa nurse jobs, E3 visa medical technician jobs, and E3 visa clinical lab tech jobs effortless. 

  • Expert Interview Coaching:  

Receive personalized interview coaching to make a lasting impression on potential employers. 

Why Choose Greenstaff International?

  • Years of Proven Experience:  

We have a proven track record of success in placing Australian medical professionals in the U.S. 

  • Dedicated and Personalized Support Team:  

Our team is passionate about your success and provides personalized support every step of the way. 

  • Focus on Your Career Success:  

We prioritize your career goals and help you find the perfect fit in a top U.S. healthcare facility. 

Take the First Step Towards Your U.S. Dream!

Upload your CV/Resume today and let Greenstaff International guide you through a smooth and successful E3 Visa journey. 

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