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Referral Program

Greenstaff Medical US International is pleased to introduce our unique 'Refer a Healthcare Professional' Program. This program is designed exclusively for individuals referring qualified Nurses and Midwives who are seeking opportunities in the healthcare sector within the United States.


Refer a Healthcare Professional

Eligibility Criteria

  • Referral Submission: To be eligible, a referral must be submitted by a referrer to Greenstaff Medical US International via the online form available on the Greenstaff Medical US International website. The referral's details will be used by our consultants to contact the referred individual with the intention of onboarding them as a new healthcare professional and subsequently placing them in suitable work engagements. 

  • Professions: Referrals must hold qualifications as Nurses or Midwives. 

  • International Placements: For international placements, the referred healthcare professional must complete a minimum of 3 months in their post before the referrer is eligible to claim the referral bonus. 

Referral Bonus Payment

  • Bonus Amount: Once the eligibility criteria are met, the referrer is entitled to claim the referral bonus amount of $1000

  • Claim Process: The referrer must initiate the process of claiming their referral bonus within 3 months after the referred healthcare professional has fulfilled the Qualifying Hours. This can be done by contacting their designated consultant at Greenstaff Medical US International. 

  • Payment Release: The referral bonus payment will be made to the referrer once the referred healthcare professional meets the eligibility criteria and the referrer's payment request is received. 

Terms and Conditions

Greenstaff Medical US International reserves the right to decline a referral bonus payment request under the following circumstances: 

1. If the referred healthcare professional has previously registered with Greenstaff Medical. 

2. If the referred healthcare professional fails to meet the eligibility criteria. 

3. If the referred healthcare professional is currently employed by Greenstaff Medical. 

4. The Referrer is an employee for Greenstaff Medical or any of the brands under the ICG Medical umbrella. 

5. For any other reason or circumstance that Greenstaff Medical US International deems justifiable. 

Greenstaff Medical US International also retains the right to: 

1. Modify the terms and conditions of the program at its sole discretion. 

2. Terminate or suspend the program without being obligated to fulfill outstanding claims, introduce an alternative program, provide compensation, or notify referrers of such changes. 

Updated T's and C's applies from 1st of August 2023