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TN Visa to Permanent Resident Program

TN Visa for Nurses and Lab Techs: Your Path to a U.S. Healthcare Career

Considering a Rewarding Healthcare Career in the U.S.?

TN Visa: Your Pathway to a Fulfilling Nursing or Lab Tech Job in the United States 

Are you a qualified Canadian or Mexican Nurse or Lab Technician seeking exciting opportunities and professional growth? The U.S. healthcare system offers competitive salaries, diverse work environments, and a clear path for career advancement.  

The TN visa is a fast and efficient visa option specifically designed for Canadian and Mexican citizens in professions like nursing and lab technology.  

Benefits of the TN Visa for Nurses and Lab Techs:

  • Live and work in the U.S. for up to three years  
  • Enjoy higher earning potential  
  • Gain valuable experience in a dynamic healthcare system  
  • Streamlined application process  

Greenstaff Medical International: Your Trusted Partner for TN Visa Sponsorship 

At Greenstaff Medical International, we're dedicated to helping qualified nurses and lab techs from Canada and Mexico achieve their dream of working in the U.S. We provide comprehensive support throughout the TN visa process, including: 

  • Free visa sponsorship  
  • Expert guidance from our in-house immigration team  
  • Streamlined application process management  
  • Dedicated career counseling to find your perfect position  

TN Visa Requirements: 

  • Hold a valid Canadian or Mexican passport  
  • Possess a state/provincial nursing license or lab technician certification relevant to your desired U.S. position  
  • Have successfully passed the NCLEX-RN exam (for nurses) or equivalent credential  


Launch Your U.S. Healthcare Career Today!

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