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F1 to Permanent Resident Program

Your Journey from F1 to Permanent Resident Program begins here



Unlock Your Nursing Career in the US with Greenstaff Medical International 

At Greenstaff Medical International, we're proud to offer comprehensive sponsorship opportunities for international nursing students in the US who are on an F1 visa during their Optional Practical Training (OPT) period. This unique program provides our nurses with the chance to work at some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities across the United States. 

When it comes to forging a lasting career in the US, careful consideration of sponsorship and your chosen agency is essential as you plan your post-graduation path. With Greenstaff Medical International, we present a plethora of benefits that streamline your transition to full-time work in the US. Our dedicated support accompanies you every step of the way, propelling your nursing career forward. Moreover, we cover relocation expenses, offer NCLEX reimbursements, and ensure an environment where you can truly thrive in your new home. 

Whether you're in the final year of your nursing program at a US nursing school or you've already graduated, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. 

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Are you still studying?

Even while you're still a student, it's never too early to start contemplating your future career path after graduation. Taking proactive steps now can significantly simplify your journey. It's crucial to align yourself with an employer who will provide the necessary assistance and support you'll require post-graduation, especially given the potentially complex and stressful immigration process involved in converting your visa.
Beyond graduation, various other factors merit consideration, including your NCLEX, relocation plans, and more. Clarity on your trajectory is essential. Choosing an agency with established relationships with hospitals capable of sponsoring your green card is paramount, even before embarking on your Optional Practical Training (OPT) period. This proactive approach helps ensure you won't encounter disappointment down the road.
Set yourself up for success by making informed decisions today. Your path to a fulfilling nursing career starts with thoughtful preparation – and that's where Greenstaff Medical International comes in. Join us in shaping your prosperous journey ahead.

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Feeling Unsure About Your Next Steps?

If you find yourself uncertain about your next steps, we urge you to connect with one of our trusted F1 recruitment consultants. They possess the expertise to guide you on the optimal path to kickstart your career.

Your Dream Nursing Job in America Awaits

If your aspiration is to secure a nursing job in the United States, you've landed in the perfect spot. Our team of seasoned recruiters is dedicated to assisting you in achieving career advancement in sought-after locations across the nation.