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Nurse Phriscky

"Greenstaff is the best agency ever, with excellent communication skills. They keep you on the loop about everything. Great for international nurses too, whatever you have they will work it out with you. Esha is the sweetest she most humble person ever. Greenstaff had some good reviews and I heard they are prompt. I heard about Greenstaff Medical through indeed, checked the reviews and they had excellent reviews. Greenstuff is helping me, and my family stay in the USA legally. For me nothing beats that

What sold me was, Greenstaff Medical will sort out me and my family’s residency. For me that’s a winner. Greenstaff is the way to go and if you’re an international nurse you will get all the help you need to secure your dream job. Greenstaff has good ratings, and I actually approached a couple of agencies, but Greenstaff staff were easily approached and kept the communication line open and that got me to trust that the company is authentic. Piyush was with me every step of the way.Even when things were difficult he encouraged me not to give up. He was always respectful and professional. I got the job of my dreams with Greenstaff medical within 2 weeks."