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Visa Bulletin Update - July 2024

Greenstaff International brings you the latest developments regarding the EB-3 visa category for registered nurses and medical technologists, as per the July 2024 Visa Bulletin issued by the U.S. Department of State.


Priority Date Changes: A Snapshot

The July Visa Bulletin presents a mixed picture for EB-3 applicants. While some nationalities see movement in their priority dates, others may face extended processing times.

  • Philippines, Mexico, and Rest of World (ROW): Applicants from these categories will experience a retrogression to December 1, 2022 (01 DEC 22). This may result in longer wait times for visa applications.
  • India: Positive news for Indian applicants, with a one-month advancement in the priority date to September 22, 2012 (22 SEP 12).
  • China: No change in the priority date, which remains at September 1, 2020 (01 SEP20).


Maximizing Your Wait Time

While processing times may fluctuate, proactive measures can still advance your U.S. immigration journey. Greenstaff International recommends focusing on controllable aspects:

  • Exam Success: Prioritize passing required examinations like the NCLEX, ASCPi, or English proficiency tests.
  • Visa Screen Completion: Obtain your Visa Screen certificate to demonstrate eligibility for U.S. healthcare employment.


Preparing for Your Move

This period can also be utilized to prepare for your future in the United States. 


Looking Ahead: Your Immigration Partner

Greenstaff International's immigration team remains optimistic about a positive shift with the new fiscal year beginning in October 2024 and the release of additional visas. We acknowledge that retrogression can be a temporary obstacle. Our dedicated team will continue to monitor visa bulletins closely and provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your immigration process. With careful planning, unwavering commitment, and our expert assistance, your dream of working in the U.S. healthcare system remains a reachable goal.